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sofia tea set

Tea is one of the irreplaceable elements of Turkish culture and drinking and making tea is almost a ritual in this geography. The slim-waisted tea glass is an iconic object of this culture and Turkish art.

The Sofia Tea Set blends Turkish culture with modern design. The reinterpretation of a tradition icon aims to shed new light on Turkish design and introduce the richness of Turkish tea-drinking culture to foreigners. Sofia Tea Set blurs the line between tradition and contemporary minimalism. The set of Turkish cultural objects comprises slender teacups, matching saucers and teaspoons, a teapot and a luxurious tea tray.


SMDstudio, Turkey
Team Lead: Serap Korkmaz

Sofia Tea Set is named after the “Ayasofya” (Hagia Sophia), a Greek Orthodox Christian basilica in Istanbul that was later converted into an Ottoman mosque, and now functions as the museum Ayasofya Müzesi. This is one of the most visited historical buildings in the world. The tea set includes a ceramic kettle and details at the tips of the teaspoons that are reminiscent of the reminiscent of historical objects such as the tassels on an Ottoman fez (headdress). Materials such as resin, wood with marble dominate the aesthetic theme of the tea set.

The tea set is inspired by Turkish culture and executed with a modern minimalist twist. It forms part of a neo-classical design series that was exhibited in two different events in 2016: “Sharing Design – Milano Makers” at Milan Design Week, and at a smaller showcase held in Nilufar Depot art gallery in Milan.


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