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Sofa Tent – Designed for children for fun at home

Sofa Tent is a sofa that can be easily transformed into a tent for children, right in the living room, in just three simple steps.


The University of Nottingham Ningbo
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shih Yi-Teng
Design: Sun Yuxiang, Zeng Jiani, Jiang Mengying

Most children enjoy building their own tent at home with any objects that they have access to, including chairs, tables, boxes, blankets and so on. However, these ‘structures’ can be unstable and dangerous. Sofa Tent aims to provide the fun without the hazard that comes with creating a tent at home.

In its original and unfolded form, the Sofa Tent can be used just like any other sofa. It is very simple to transform the sofa into a tent – simply flip the first layer of the sofa forward, move the cushions from the top to the front, and close the frame. The fabric of the sofa is connected to the frame and therefore, when unfolded, they form the walls of the tent. Reverse the process, fold the tent back and it becomes a sofa again.


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