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Smart Pregnancy Care Device

Smart Pregnancy Care Device combines urinalysis, fertility monitoring, early pregnancy detection and breast milk analysis all into one device. As a completely zero radiation smart terminal, it is the best smart device for protecting pregnant women.


WECAN Health Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co,. Ltd, China
Team Lead: Qu Xingang
Design: Xu Yongxing, Xu Zhuorong, Zhu Zhigang, Xie Kunxi, Lai Jiang, Li Zhenhui, Ye Daxing, Ding Xuexiong

It is important for couples to know their reproductive health, the best way of conceiving a baby, and the kind of care a pregnant mother needs. The Smart Pregnancy Care Device is here to help mothers prepare for their pregnancy and monitor their health and pregnancy conditions in a scientific manner. It mixes urinalysis, fertility monitoring, early pregnancy detection and breast milk analysis into one compact device with high tech imaging technology.

Transmitting data from the device to the smartphone does not require traditional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cables. As such, it transmits absolutely zero radiation. The diagnostic report can be scanned with a smartphone and be automatically synchronised with the mobile application. Thanks to its portability, this non-invasive and safe diagnostic device is small enough to fit into a pocket, and provides excellent user experience, an ergonomic design for comfort, a sleek external form and touch screen operation.

While trying to conceive, couples can use this device to help adjust their body conditions – getting a urine analysis and avoiding urinary tract infection, liver disease and gallbladder disease as far as possible. This device also offers tools to manage blood glucose level and reduce protein and haematuria index, which are also important to improve the overall health condition of the coming baby. Urinalysis is the most important inspection for pregnant woman in the whole pregnancy cycle as it can catch early signs of miscarriage symptoms, giving ample notice for the pregnant woman to seek advice from her doctor.

By detecting the surge in LH (luteinizing hormone) that triggers ovulation, Smart Pregnancy Care Device helps a woman identify the days she is most likely to get pregnant. By HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) testing, she can also easily and effectively learn whether she is pregnant, and if pregnant, the device can even estimate in weeks the pregnancy length.


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