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The GERGsmart Smart Kit is an intelligent medicine dosage reminder that can be attached to the back of a smartphone. Via a smart app, it allows family members to remind their elderlies to take their medicine in the right dose, at the right time.

This Smart Kit is designed with a medicine cartridge for a one-week supply to help elderlies with their medication treatment plan. The seven separate compartments correspond to the planned dosage for seven days in a week. The translucent casing allows pills to be easily seen, counted and planned. The planning schedule and correct dosage instructions can be registered, and even detected by the kit in the event of incorrect dosage.

The reminder sets off in the manner of light, sound and vibration when it is time to take the medicine. In order to help elderlies who are inexperienced with the kit, an emergency cartridge for first-aid medicine is specially designed. If the user has to open the emergency cartridge, other users linked to the kit via smartphones will receive an emergency notice and information.

The product also has a built-in data communication function. Besides recording the dosage use and patterns, this information can be uploaded to a cloud platform to create a health record for an elderly member, which can be accessed by doctors. The voice message function also enables family members to record and send voice messages via a linked smartphone app.


Beijing Gergsmart Technology Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Yang Yuxi
Design: Zhang Xiaolong, Zhu Xiaobin 

Shenzhen DOW Design Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Yang Yuxi


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