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Sliding Fridge

A person in a wheelchair usually has difficulties opening or shutting a refrigerator door in a narrow space. Sliding Fridge is a cylindrical-shaped refrigerator with a rotating and sliding mechanism that solves this problem.

Sliding Fridge has a sliding mechanism that allows a person in a wheelchair to open the refrigerator without having to make space for the door swing. This is especially useful in a small space. To open the Sliding Fridge, the outer doors slide apart and hide behind the external shell of the refrigerator seamlessly. Without the need for door swing, the doors do not take up extra space beyond the refrigerator itself. This is only made possible by employing a cylindrical refrigerator shape that departs from traditional rectangular forms.

Inside the refrigerator, it is divided into an outer-layer space and an inner-layer space. Bottled consumables such as drinks and sauces can be easily reached in the outer layer. This outer layer also slides behind the external shell in a similar way to the doors. Pushing this layer aside to access the inner-layer space is easy. Simply push the handle downwards to access the outer layer and hold it upwards to access the inner layer. The joints and rails for the inner and outer doors are also isolated so that they do not affect each other.


Han Jiyoon, Choi Youjin
South Korea


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