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Sit.firm is a stool that employs 3D printing techniques and reinforced carbon fibre composite to create a design language that combines hard and soft, as well as the modern and the traditional.


Wang Jinglong


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The design concept of Sit.firm is driven by a combination of hard material and soft visual language, and the fusion of modern innovation and traditional techniques. Modern steel material, innovative mechanical methods and 3D printing technology come together to reinterpret the traditional craft of traditional woven chair seats. 

The material used is a composite of magnesium, aluminium alloy, carbon fibre, hemp rope biological gel, toughened glass and cement mixed with iron. In carbonisation plants for waste treatment, woven carbon fibre materials are often used to absorb smoke, clean the air and clear the fog. With this in mind, the Sit.firm stool with carbon fibre material is fit for outdoor use, while it purifies the air. The entire production process is an innovative one that also takes into account the recycling process and environmental protection.

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