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The SHUYA multipurpose tap has three water outlet options – for washing hands, washing the hair, or to allow two people to have access to the tap at the same time.


Sun Jin, Lv Mixue, Jiang Kun


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The SHUYA multipurpose tap is inspired by limbs. It is unique because it offers three water outlet options – the ‘down’ outlet for washing hands, the ‘up’ outlet for washing the hair and when the tap is rotated 90 degrees, water flows from two outlets so two people can use the tap at the same time. Softly touch the switch to activate the flow of water and the LED light indicator will turn on.

The tap also has a unique temperature control technology that keeps the flow of water constant and stable once it is adjusted to a preferred temperature. The overall shape of the tap is very simple and the use of white ceramic texture gives the tap a sense of grace and elegance. SHUYA is a nifty solution that overturns traditional ideas of tap design.

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