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Shine & Airflow Stove

Shine & Airflow Stove has a simple but attentive design with a convenient stove fire indicator and a system that guards against fire accidents.


Li Bing-Xun, Kuo Yu-Ru, Dai Yu-Wen, Lai Ru-Ting, Yang Yu-Chin


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Shine & Airflow Stove is designed with a light display under the stove that shows the size of the stove fire. This allows the user to check the intensity of the fire without having to bend down. Such a feature also makes the stove pleasing to eyes. To protect the user from cooking fumes, an airflow-guide system leads smoke into the range hood. The knobs of the stove also differ from traditional ones. Each knob is combined with a timer that guards against fire hazard in case one forgets to switch off the stove.

The airflow-guide system completely restrains the smoke produced by cooking, the heat in the kitchen and the gas of combustion by leading theses elements to the range hood. The whirlwind stove grate makes use of the form that leads the hot airflow from the middle to the top, thus enhancing the efficiency of the range hood. Equipped with a direct fire-check function, the indicator light can be switched on by turning the knob. A light-in-second fire system is synchromesh with a wind controller. The wind gets stronger as the fire get bigger. With Shine & Airflow Stove All, the user only has to focus on the cooking without worrying about health hazards.

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