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Shift is a desk that can be adjusted into different configurations to fit the working demands. Whether the task requires writing, drawing, reading or working on a computer, Shift adapts and transforms into different work and storage functions.


Alieke Maljaars

Shift is an innovative drawing desk that effortlessly adjusts to the user’s needs. The desk can be “shifted” into four different positions: default, fully-tilted (for better writing posture), half-tilted and a space-saving configuration. It consists of a movable section that can be folded, rotated and height-adjusted, and a fixed section that provides a secure surface to position a computer monitor, desk lamp or store any other objects. 

When the desk is not in use, the movable section can be folded and rotated to form a lower shelf surface, which reduces the width of the entire furniture. This configuration is good if space is an issue. When the user needs more desk space again, simply shift the movable section back into the default position. The fixed section never moves and provides a good place to store any “work-in-progress”, allowing the user to easily pick up from where he or she last left off.


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