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Sharing Gas Mask

In a fire, the Sharing Gas Mask is worn by the firefighter. It is attached with an auxiliary mask that provides additional oxygen supply for the victim, so that both the victim and the rescuer can escape safely.


Choi Junhyuk, Kim Yoonhye, Roh Sangjae, Kim Hyein
South Korea


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Existing oxygen masks can only protect one life per mask. When a fire occurs, rescuers commit their lives to save the victims who are not able to escape. Most of the time, the rescuers will give their oxygen masks to the survivors who have already been exposed to toxic gases for a long time. In the process, the rescuers may suffocate. 

The concept of the Sharing Oxygen Mask is to provide an auxiliary mask on top of the main mask. This will ensure oxygen supply for both the rescuer and the survivor to help both of them escape the fire safely.

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