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With Scratch-away Parcel Label, one no longer has to worry about personal information on parcel packages (name, address, mobile phone number, etc.) being exposed or leaked to other people when discarding used parcel boxes. This label allows the receiver to erase such personal information easily and enjoyably. It consists of a base layer, a scratch-off layer and a printed layer. Scratching away the scratch-off layer also scratches away the print.

Scratch-away Parcel Label

Scratch-away Parcel Label is a concept that prevents the potential leak of private and personal information on parcel packages.


IU+ Design, China
Team Lead: Shen Jiye
Design: Jia Shenghui, Huai Yajuan, Li Liping, Wu Qiliang, Juan David, Chen Peiyun, Luo Wei, Li Meisong, Wang Liang


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