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Saving Storage Bag

Saving Storage Bag is a food preservation solution that lets users decide on the size of the bag they need


Shenzhen Stom Industrial Design Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Wang Cheng
Design: Wu Mingjie, Wang Bin, He Ting, Fei Qin, Tian Shixiang


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Regular food preservation bags have a fixed size. Sometimes, they lead to wastage when used for a small amount of food. At other times, they may not be long enough to contain long-formed vegetables. As such, this product enables you to decide the size of the bag that is required. 

In our daily living, we need preservation bags to pack different types of food from grains and seeds to larger fruits and vegetables. In many cases, we end up only using a small volume of storage bags or normal bags are not long enough for long-formed vegetables like celery, chives and carrots. This design solves the problem with one easy and simple operation. The user simply has to dispense the bag, stop at the length that is suitable for a food type, and press “push” button to seal the bag. 

According to statistics, the annual use of plastics on our planet is 260 million tons, of which only 170 million tons are disposable. This causes an enormous impact on our environment. Therefore, it is important to reduce the use of plastic bags in our daily lives.

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