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Plant owners will always worry about their plants when they are away on travel or business trips. Sanhih provides a solution to keep the plants healthy by storing a volume of water required to sustain the plant the whole time that the plant owner is away.


Brandesse, Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Chen Shibin
Design: Chen Liang, Xu Mengxuan, Lu Nannan, Nie Lei, Huang Xin, Li Mingquan, Li Wenfang, Lin Tingzhan, Huang Junda 

Shenzhen Moonwk Culture Technology Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Tong Jie

When there is no one at home to take care of the plants, Sanhih can provide a solution. The top half of Sanhih is shaped like a funnel. Simply add the required amount of water into the glass funnel before leaving. This amount of water should be enough to sustain the plants for the whole period of time that the plant owner will be away. It will keep the little plant healthy until the owner gets home.

The funnel-like half also has measurement markings on it. These markings serve as a guide to the amount of water that the plant needs – every 1cm is equivalent to a day’s worth of water. The six holes around the roof of the lower canister are there to balance the internal and external air pressure and allow for better air circulation.


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