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Samsung SDS Enterprise Conferencing

Samsung SDS Enterprise Conferencing is an efficient online meeting solution that provides real “in-person” meeting experience.


SAMSUNG SDS, South Korea
Team Lead: Kim Jihyun
Design: Kim Bomi, Lee Hwashin, Nam Hanee, Shin Dongmin, Yang Jinju

The one factor that hinders user’s experience of web conferences is not the lack of technical support but the inconvenience and unfamiliarity with online discussions environments. Samsung SDS Enterprise Conferencing provides an experience that feels just like attending a meeting in person. With this web conference platform, users can communicate and interact better, just as though they are physically in the same room.

Due to the seamless operation, participants only have to focus on the active interaction. Any attendees’ profile can be viewed by tapping on their profile icons, and one can even get a good view of other participants’ expressions and actions when needed. All situations can be checked at a glance. This solution provides three environments depending on the relationship between the participants and the context of the meeting. Apart from the speaker’s content, the listening and presentation mode is shown as minimised components. It helps participants focus on the speaker.

In the full group discussion mode, all participants sit around the table and discuss equally. Otherwise, participants leading the discussion are exposed on the screen, which ensures a smooth operation of a question and answer session. This solution encourages users to participate through real-time participation analysed data. Participants’ performances are presented in real time and determines on three levels through quantitative analysis based on their speaking time and the participants’ writing tools usage. Samsung SDS Enterprise Conferencing perfectly demonstrates how people can better enjoy attending virtual meetings.

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