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SafeTrig is an emergency desk that is designed for use in seismic areas. Through a simple pull-and-push, it can be transformed from a student desk into a shelter within just a few seconds.


Zhejiang University, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Huang Qi, Fang Zishuo
Design: Liu Yizhou, Chen Yue, Gao Han, Liu Mingyu, Gao Weiyue, Liu Hongmiao, Zhang Han, Chen Zhenbang

SafeTrig is an emergency desk applied in seismic area. For students in the classroom, two main problems expose them to danger. Firstly, it is difficult for them to move to a safe place in such a short time. Secondly, a stable shelter may not be available. The concept for SafeTrig is that when it is safe, the desk can be used for normal purposes. When an earthquake happens, it can transform into a protective shell for students.

SafeTrig is easy to use. When the earthquake happens, a child only has to pull the top board of the desk to the end of the metal stand, squat under the desk and pull down the top board. This will form a triangular safe shelter around the student. This triangular form also effectively blocks any falling weight and protects children from being hurt. SafeTrig can be easily transformed into a safe shelter within a few seconds, by a simple operation. Furthermore, painted in a vivid orange, it can be easily found after an earthquake, thus increasing the chances of survival.


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