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Ryun (Circular Folding Fan Lamp)

Inspired by the shape and structure of Asian traditional fans, Ryun is a foldable lamp that can be spread out to form a circle.

Ryun is a foldable lamp with a structure that allows users to experience the dramatic transformation of the lampshade from a linear to a circular form. In addition, users can adjust the amount of light and enjoy the variations in appearance by furling or unfurling the lampshade. This lamp is composed of a lampshade, a folding fan, a metal frame and a base. The fan itself is made of Hanji, a traditional Korean paper and bamboo frame, which has a distinctive characteristic of transmitting light softly through its texture. This is how Ryun creates ambient light with a subdued hue. 

The larger Ryun fan has a unique reflector which diffuses the light more evenly on the lampshade. Otherwise, the lampshade of the smaller Ryun fan is illuminated directly from the light source to a small area for more effective lighting. The design of Ryun was minimised as much as possible for the harmony of its materials – paper, wood and metal – as well as its traditional and modern influences.


Seo Jeen
South Korea


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