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Rotating Door Lock

Combine a traditional door locking techniques with regular door handles and a new lock mechanism is born.


Li Tiepeng, Xu Mengke, Lan Haotian, Zhang Junjie

The Rotating Door Lock reinterprets the traditional Chinese door bolting mechanism and applies it to contemporary door handlebars to create a new kind of lock system. To lock, simply rotate the vertical door handles at a 90-degree angle to arrive at the horizontal. This mechanism essentially works by the same logic of turning a traditional lock with a key, but eliminates the need for heavy traditional locks and improves the security and aesthetics of lock systems. 

Inspired by the traditional “plank across the door handles” technique of locking doors, the Rotating Door Lock simplifies the idea and form into an aesthetically modern design that can be elegantly applied to glass door handles. Previously, one would be required install an external lock to the door. With the Rotating Door Lock, the door handles become the lock mechanism itself.


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