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Rotate Washing Machine

Rotate Washing Machine has a drum that can be tilted upwards and fastened at different angles. This allows the originally front loading door of the washer to accommodate different user heights and users with different needs.


Kim Sungsu
South Korea

Traditionally, front load washing machines have doors positioned so low that users have to bend down to collect their laundry, which might be strenuous for those with arthritis, hips or back problems. On the other hand, if the front load door is positioned too high, children, elderlies and people in wheelchairs might find it a challenge to access the washing machine. Rotate Washing Machine finds a solution that can accommodate a wide profile of users. 

The washing machine is divided into two parts: the stand, and the external cylinder encasing the drum that holds the laundry. The stand serves to support the cylinder along a central axis; the cylinder itself can be easily adjusted to a comfortable user angle of up to 90 degrees, and then fastened to facilitate laundry collection. When the washing machine is running, the cylinder returns to its original position with the loading door facing forward.

Washing machines are commonly hidden in a corner of the house because of their cold, unappealing design. The Rotate Washing Machine stands out with its modern, warm and clean aesthetic – more compact, streamlined and “human” than most standard boxy machines. Yet, it can also blend effortlessly into any part of the house without being an eyesore.

Last but not least, this machine adopts a simple dial interface that simplifies the machine, as opposed to a traditional interface with many buttons. The washing machine is a home appliance that is regularly used, and therefore, its design should be seamlessly integrated with our daily lives.


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