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Rolling Snake G1

Rolling Snake G1 combines the protective properties of cable bridges with the flexibility of classic extension cables on a cable reel.


Emami Design, Germany
Team Lead: Arman Emami

Rolling Snake G1 is an extension cable and cable bridge all in one. A save-spacing solution, it eliminates the need for transporting cable bridges. Designed to be “ready to use”, no extra installation is needed. It is advantageous also include its waterproof capabilities, its adaptability to all soils and environment and its warning stripes that ensure better safety.


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Rolling Snake G1 can be applied to both public and private places, and even in film sets or for road works. It is usable on every kind of ground and surface. Filled with a high-density material, it provides the necessary weight to lay better on the ground. As a solution, it is flexible, stable and space saving. 

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