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Richard RIESE

One of the greatest challenges in medical therapy is maximising patient compliance. Richard RIESE (Richard GIANT) is a therapeutic video game for the improvement of hand-motor function that enables patients to rehabilitate simply by playing a game.


Damian Sturm

Achieving patient compliance during therapy is especially difficult when the regeneration process is tedious and requires the active participation of the patient. Many people lack the necessary motivation to adhere to their treatment. In fact, less than 50% of these patients follow the therapeutic recommendations of their doctor.

What if you could recover simply by playing a game? The hand-therapeutic video game Richard RIESE shows how that could work. With the help of the Leap Motion Controller, patients are rehabilitated while playing. The game is specifically designed for patients with various disabilities affecting their hand-motor function, including children with fine motor impairment, persons with hand injuries, or stroke patients with partial paralyses.


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Improving the fine motor skills is a very important factor and crucial for the patients’ quality of life. Regaining their ability to eat, dress and go to bed on their own means also reclaiming their independence and their dignity. They want to be able to manage their day-to-day life without having to rely on others. 

Typically that requires hours and hours of training and exercises. It also means unwavering self-management and discipline. However most hospitals simply don‘t have the resources to guide their many patients through this phase. Richard RIESE enables participants to do the exercises on their own at home at a time of their choosing and at a fraction of the cost of traditional or conventional therapies. Furthermore, it is an easy and entertaining mode of therapy. Richard RIESE transforms struggle and pain into fun and results. The patients literally recover as they play.

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