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The RFID Tag Printer can print out passive RFID tags onto objects and create one-of-a-kind digital IDs for belongings, such as keys, wallets, and cards. Objects with RFID tags can be identified and located via smart phones. The passive RFID tag contains electronically stored information and collects energy from interrogating radio waves to act as a passive transponder.

First, the user is assigned a RFID tag; he can use his smart phone to assign an ID for the tag to connect with a specific item. Then, print out the RFID tag on the corresponding item. Lastly, the user can search for RFID printed objects with his smart phone.

RFID Tag Printer

The RFID Tag Printer creates digital IDs for your belongings so that they can be located quickly and easily.


Chen Ying-Ni, Chao Wei-Liang, Wu Wei-Chen, Wu Jhu-Jyun, Teng Hung-Yu


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