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Revés Chair

Revés Chair has a soft quilted backrest like a shirt collar – it collects, embraces and cocoons. Designed to suit every mood, the user can keep the hood up for privacy, or fold it down to interact with other people.


Lucas Abajo, Laxmi Nazabal


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Revés Chair is a cross between a Poltrona and a normal dining chair; it collects the user, embraces him or her, and offers a sense of security. Designed to suit contemporary pace of life with style, the hood can be folded up for privacy, or folded down as an open and social gesture. At Muka Design Lab, projects are created based on ‘slow design’, so every aspect of this chair is designed to make the user more aware about their environment. 

The structure of the chair is made from eco-friendly beech wood commonly used in the Spanish region for making traditional furniture. The wood was sourced together with carpenters and craftsmen from the La Rioja region in Northern Spain. It is upholstered in a two-tone quilted textile that has a soft quilted backrest like a shirt collar – stiff enough to stay up on its own. The fabric comes in soft-touch Gabriel textile. Every part of the chair is built and assembled by local artisans and craftsmen.

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