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Revert Cup

It has a mechanism that lets the user control the flow of water, which makes drinking water safer and more comfortable.

Drinking water is quite inconvenient for patients who are completely bedridden, especially the elderlies. Even when someone else assists them, it is hard to control the flow of water. Revert Cup creates control for the flow of water by using air pressure. The user can control both the water flow and speed by themselves and drinking water is safer and more comfortable for them with this cup.

To use, simply fill the cup with water, put on the lid tightly to create a closed space in the cup and turn the base towards the right until the three holes (water outlet) correspond with the spout at the base of the cup. Now, let the water be guided gently through the spout. When the user presses the lid, the air gets into the cup through small holes, releasing more water.


Dong Fangcheng


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