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Retriever City Parking and Reserving System

Retriever makes parking easier and faster. You can search for, find, book and pay for a parking spot anywhere via your smartphone, using the Retriever city parking and reserving app and meters. You will receive the information about location, time, cost and navigation to the parking spot via the smartphone app.


Savannah College of Art and Design

Faculty Advisor: Owen Foster
Designers: Jian Shi, Qing Xu, Weijing Zhao, Yunman Gu, Holly Chisholm

Retriever City Parking and Reserving System is a smart parking system that combines a smartphone app with smart parking meters. It was designed to solve the problem of circling around and looking for a parking spot. With the Retriever meter and app, parking will be revolutionised. The Retriever app is an efficient and convenient way for people to park their cars without stress.

Retriever allows people to search for, find, book and pay for a parking spot at anytime, anywhere in the city. It aims at maximising limited parking resources by indicating every available parking spot. Spots that are completely available display as ‘Green’. ‘Orange’ indicates limited-time availability. ‘Red’ is for spots that are unavailable. These indicators are displayed on both the meter and app interfaces. This is a very viable solution for reducing wasted time and gasoline as well as worrying about your meter expiring and therefore getting a ticket. With this parking system, people will spend less time and money trying to find a spot.

Moreover, the government can benefit from the system too. It can collect and record all of the data points for parking information in a given city in real time. Parking violations can be responded to immediately on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, the system helps to make the best use of both human and financial resources.


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