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Respia Asthma Management System

Respia is an asthma management system that tracks and records the user’s respiratory health and medication use. It is the complete redesign of existing aerosol inhalers coupled with a world first wearable patch that tracks respiratory health.


Katherine Kawecki

It is often confusing to know which medication to use and when to take it especially whilst suffering from mind clouding asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath and panic. Respia empowers the user to take control and creates behavioural change in the long term management of asthma.

Respia consists of a bluetooth equipped inhaler, patch and docking station. The wearable patch provides live haptic feedback and suggestions to help the user stick to their personal asthma plan. This adhesive patch sits on the skin similar to a stethoscope and monitors changes in the upper respiratory tract. This is achieved through piezo-acoustic sensing picking up wheeze frequencies or other signs of inflammation.

Respia is owned by the user for life and designed to last a lifetime. The Respia inhaler tracks and records inhaler use as well as combining preventer and reliever medications into one convenient inhaler. An LED matrix shines through the plastic relaying information such as the number of doses left in each canister. The smart phone app prompts the user with reminders and keeps the user informed of the quality of their asthma management. Respia is your personal assistant helping you to create a symptom free life.


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