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Reminder Ticket

Reminder Ticket is a social care product. It works like a metro card, but one with an additional function that reminds train passengers to alight at their destination.


Jiangsu Vocational College Of Information Technology, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Zhang Jinping, Zhang Lei
Design: Jiang Chenglong, Geng Hui, Zhang Chengyu


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Although announcements and reminders are frequent on board trains, passengers still miss their stops from time to time. Reminder Ticket is a social care product that is incorporated into a metro card. When a passenger buys a metro card, the message of their destination will be shown so clearly on the card that even other passengers can see it. In the event that a Reminder Ticket user fails to pay attention or falls asleep, fellow passengers who notice the message would be able to alert him or her.

Reminder Ticket is designed with a simple cut-out that resembles train map routes. The cut-out works like a clip so that passengers can attach it to their clothing. Below it, the destination is highlighted in black characters, and the assisting information is printed in a grey font. The ticket is issued in different colours, each colour corresponding to its relevant metro line. The colour codes inform people of the train line they are taking and transfer information is also included in the bottom left corner of the card for reference.

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