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Relaxed - Wash

Relaxed – Wash is a washing machine with an inlet that is higher in height, making it convenient for people in wheelchairs to use as well. It also provides a new set-up for hand-washing clothes by sitting in front of the inlet, facilitated by a built-in washboard inside the machine.


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Existing washing machines on the market are usually inconvenient for people who are wheelchair-bound. Also, when hand-washing clothes, one usually has to crouch down or stand in front of a washstand. This is hugely inconvenient for people with disabilities, old people or people with back and joint problems. Therefore, Relaxed – Wash is designed as a smart washing machine that considers all people and aims to improve the quality of life.

Created as a new prototype for drum-type washing machines, Relaxed – Wash has a higher inlet than that of existing washing machines. Also, a built-in washboard inside the drum allows hand-washing to be comfortably done while seated in front of the inlet in a wheelchair or a regular chair. 

The inlet and washstand of Relaxed – Wash have a 6-degree incline, which have been found to be more convenient for hand-washing to be completed. At the same time, a touch screen provides easy control and eliminates the need for complicated buttons. Alternatively, a voice function can be opted for users who dislike using touchscreens.


Ryu Uiyoul, Kim Jihyun
South Korea

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