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This is a mobile knee rehabilitation device that is available for rental. Post-knee-surgery patients can process their rehabilitation at home according to the prescription of a physician, thus saving travelling time for the patient and saving manpower for the hospital. When a patient undergoes rehabilitation for the knee area, the knee activity data can be uploaded to the hospital’s cloud rehabilitation platform that allows doctors to instantly assess the effectiveness of the programme and modify the prescription.

Rehabilitation Made Easy

This design is a mobile medical equipment to allow patients with knee injuries to process their rehabilitation at home.


Huafan University, Taiwan

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Wu Jun-Chieh, Dr. Chen Kang-Ying 

Design: Chen Yi-Ru, Yeh Fang-Li, Chen Chao-Jung

The device is designed with wheels to facilitate the patient’s movement within any space. The device incorporates anti-slip footpads and a heel-positioning panel. Moreover, a soft cushion is built for calf contact, thus providing support and better position fixture of the foot and calf. A touchscreen can be used to set the appropriate rehabilitation mode and to display information of recorded rehabilitation activities. Via Bluetooth, data of the knee rehabilitation can be sent to the patient’s smartphone and wirelessly synced to the cloud platform in the hospital. 

How to use the device: Move the device to a proper place for rehabilitation activities. Set the rehabilitation mode according to the physician’s prescription. The patient should place the feet on the pedals, and rest the calves on the cushioned areas. The patient begins strengthening the thigh muscles by lifting up the foot and moving the leg back and forth.


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