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Reflective Ceramic Tile

Reflective Ceramic Tile is light-reflective tile that can enhance the brightness of dim spaces or focus the light distribution.


Shenzhen Thinkdo Design Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Zou Tao
Design: Han Yuping 

Sichuan Jiebang Technology Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Han Yuping

Reflective Ceramic Tile uses reflective surfaces to enhance brightness or focus the light distribution in one area. The cross-section of each tile has an undulated profile and the tiles can be made with different undulation profiles to provide different intensities of brightness and reflective effects. The cross-section of each tile reveals four layers: a basic ceramic tile substrate with an uneven surface, followed by a coat of colour, and then a layer of glass beads is sprayed on to give that reflective effect. Lastly, a transparent UV protectant goes on to seal the tile surface. 

Reflective Ceramic Tile can be widely applied in tunnels, underground passages and spaces that need to be brightened. Traditionally, light coloured tiles or reflective film are installed to improve luminosity. However, this process is complex and incurs high application cost with returns of a short service life. Reflective Ceramic Tiles can be completed in the construction process and significantly improve the brightness of an environment while saving investment and energy.


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