Yoga and Connection Touch by Innovation Design Center of Lenovo Group, China
The concept for the Yoga laptop is hinged on the bending of the mind. The design harmonises the personality of the user with the object of use. This multi-functional laptop is realised through the inclusion of an innovative soft hinge technology support.

Skid Scooter by Yong Jie Yu, Singapore
The Skidscooter is an amphibious leisure product based on the functions of an electric scooter on land, and a floating rider in water. Using attached propellers at the hub motor wheels, the Skidscooter is able to proper the user forward in water.

Freewill by Ahn Sang-Gyuen, South Korea
Designed as a bike for city life, Freewill is an innovative combination of two different modes of function: kick scooter and ordinary bike.