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With arms folded and cheeks pressed against the keyboard, we have all fallen asleep at our desk at some point. QWERTYsofa turns the archetypal image of a keyboard into a sofa bed that holds the user on its soft “keys”.

Using the keyboard as imagery, QWERTYsofa is a sofa bed created to hold the user on its soft “keys”. Besides its resemblance to the all-too-familiar input device, this sofa allows the user to micro-customise the exact sitting or lying position desired. Each key is attached to a micro-motor that can be moved via a remote control, making the sleep experience on this keyboard much more satisfying. 

QWERTYsofa brings a new lease of life into the idea of resting on a sofa. At the mention of a reclining chair that moves, the first image that comes to mind is that of an orthopaedic chair. QWERTYsofa gives the concept of a moving customisable sofa a new image that overwrites its previous associations to health products. An innovative feature is the iron structure of the computer keyboard that allows the sofa to adapt to the user’s needs. This sofa can be moulded like clay to give the user the desired position and support.

Measuring 310cm in length, 110cm in width and 100cm in height, QWERTYsofa is made from stainless steel, multi density polymer waterproof and flame resistant faux leather. It operates on both electrical and software equipment, and the latest generation of gel batteries. A remote control also allows users to recall 10 stored position combinations. The keyboard has become an iconic image of computers and the office. QWERTYsofa is an ironic depiction of that image that evokes the feeling of work, transforming it into one of relaxation and comfort.


Dr. Andrea Cingoli


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