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The Quinn is a compact cargo bicycle that is designed for anyone who wants to commute to and from work or school, who also needs to bring along a laptop bag, messenger bag, tote bag or handbag.


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The Quinn cargo bicycle is modelled after a conventional bicycle but designed with enhanced features, clever add-ons, and an innovative and intelligent solution for carrying a small-to-medium-sized bag, which makes the Quinn useful and relevant in today’s crowded urban landscape.

The key feature of the Quinn is its centrally located storage compartment that allows a variety of bags to be stored securely. The use would not have to carry a bag over the body while using Quinn. The compartment is also located right above the Quinn‘s centre of gravity for better stability. This also allows the user to keep an eye on the personal belongings at all times.

Other design features: A light and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and fork makes the Quinn easier to carry if needed. Its compact dimension measuring just 1.5 metres in length (front to rear tyre), and standing at 1 metre tall at its highest point, the Quinn fits easily into most lifts. Its 20-inch aluminum wheels are smaller and fatter by standard but they are able to roll with less resistance and makes manoeuvring the Quinn much easier. Specially designed mounting points on the frame allow the front and rear racks to be fitted, enhancing the cargo carrying ability of the Quinn. An electric drive option that can be fitted into the Quinn enables the user to cycle over longer distances with less effort. The Quinn‘s centrally located storage compartment, and front and rear racks, can be configured and customised to fit different accessories.


Coast Cycles Private Limited, Singapore

Team Lead: Jansen Tan
Design: Patrick Lau

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