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Pu’erh Tea Knife

Pu’erh Tea Knife is an elegant tool used in the art of enjoying Pu-erh tea.


Gu Anhua


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When enjoying the art of Pu’erh tea, a tea knife is usually used to break up Pu’erh tea cakes or bricks that are pressed tightly. A good tea knife has to be strong enough to pry out a more precise amount of tea leaves desired. The user inserts the knife into the edge of the tea cake or brick, and moves the knife up and down until a wedge of the tea is loose.

Conventional tea knives with their long stainless steel needle and wooden handles tend to look too much like industrial tools. This particular Pu’erh Tea Knife has an elegant aesthetic that shifts away from that look. Designed in an unconventional geometrical plough shape, it is made from titanium alloy and wood seamlessly joined to form a slim and sleek body. The unique shape of this Pu’erh Tea Knife cuts into a tea cake or brick in three directions, which reduces excess fallen tea scraps.

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