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Protect Bee

A wasp that gets into a honeybee hive has the ability to kill about 10,000 honeybees alone. Protect Bee keeps honeybees safe in their hives by protecting them against wasps.

Honeybees are necessary for ecosystem, but they are about to face extinction. One of their biggest threats is the wasp population, and each wasp can kill 10,000 honeybees just by getting into a honeybee hive. As such, the objective of Protect Bee is to help honeybees live in their hives safely. 

Protect Bee works like a protective cap that can be installed over beehives to keep out the wasps. The holes on the cap are large enough for bees to enter but too small for wasps. It also contains an insecticide that paralyses the nerve system of wasps and kills them when they attempt to bite through the Protect Bee.


Kim Wanki
South Korea


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