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Produce Drier & Saver

Produce Drier & Saver is a foldable tool that can dry anything from leafy vegetables and herbs to fruits and mushrooms. It can also be used to keep lettuce and other leafy vegetables fresh in the fridge for a longer time.


Miguel Cabral Guerra


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Although salad spinners have been around for a while, very little has changed since they were first introduced. From research, it is also discovered that many households have abandoned the idea of salad spinners and began using disposable kitchen towels or buying pre-wash vegetables. Produce Drier & Saver offers an alternative salad drying solution that is more affordable and environmentally friendly.

Produce Drier & Saver takes inspiration from traditional methods of drying salad leaves on a kitchen towel and improves upon the concept with added features. Produce Drier & Saver is a drying towel can be folded into a compact bundle and even used in the fridge together with fresh vegetables and herbs that need to be preserved. Features like a waterproof layer, magnets (for packing the towel) and a storing function make this Produce Drier & Saver towel unique. It is also machine-washable, much more space-efficient than a salad spinner, and more environmentally friendly than using disposable paper towels.

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