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Presto Pay System

Presto Pay System is a self-checkout system that is integrated into the shopping cart.


Seo Dong Young, Huh Jun Haeng
South Korea

When a store is crowded and the queue is long, shoppers have to stand in line for a long time to make payment. To make the shopping experience more convenient, Presto Pay System allows shoppers to use their carts as personal cashiers. The cart is designed to inform shoppers of the product prices and the total purchase amount immediately, thus speeding up the checkout and payment process.


Installed into the handle of the cart are a barcode reader, a screen and a card reader. The shopper scans each item with the barcode reader and the prices with the total amount will show up on the screen. To remove items, select the product to be deleted and press the “DEL” button. To pay, simply slot the payment card into the card reader. When the screen tells the shopper that he or she is ready to make payment, this transaction information will be transmitted from the personal cart to a self-checkout kiosk. If a transaction is successful, the kiosk will show the payment details and issue a receipt.


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