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Incense burning is a traditional part of oriental cultures, and is practiced in many countries. Incense not only provides an air purifying function, but it is also used in prayers. One stick of incense is typically 30cm long – a considerable amount of incense. If the space in which it will be burnt is small, it may be overpowering. If the user needs to leave unexpectedly, the stick will have to be extinguished by hand. Cutting of the burning end is not only wasteful; it can also bring psychological discomfort through the act of ‘cutting off a prayer’.  

Praying Bud is a metal flame retardant device for incense sticks. It has the appearance of two small leaves. Where they join magnetically at the base, they create a circular opening with the same dimension as the incense stick. When the incense burns down to the level of the bud, the metal will extinguish it. Then, the incense stick will take the shape of a seedling sprouting from the soil – a metaphor for a prayer for hope. The incense can be burned again later by removing the metal bud. Praying Bud has been designed with three states of ‘openness’ representing different stages in the growth of a seedling. 

Praying Bud – Incense Burning Flame Retardant Device

Praying Bud is a flameproof device that, when fixed onto a burning incense stick, can prevent the continued burning of the stick below it.


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