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Portable TPR Car-rescue-track

The Portable TPR Car-rescue-track is a portable assistance track that helps drivers safely drive over, or out of muddy or snow-paved paths.

When driving on a snow-paved or muddy road, a car can easily slip off the track or become stuck. The Portable TPR Car-rescue-track provides assistance to drivers so that they can get themselves safely out of a dangerous driving situation, or when they are stuck in mud or snow.


Li Xuesong

The track is made from a combination of environment TPR rubber and galvanized steel. An anti-skidding adjustable nail at the bottom of the track increases friction between the track and muddy roads to minimise the possibility of slipping. When extended, the total length of this rescue track is 71cm in length. When folded up to be stored, it becomes a portable tool that measures 24.5cm in length, 11cm in width, and 25cm in height. This product is easy to use and stylishly designed for any driver.


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