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Pomelo as Blessing

The spirit of Hakka culture is demonstrated through the integration of oolong tea and pomelo fruit. The tea is presented in a reusable wooden box – its rounded shape designed to express the primitive origin and substance.

The practice of using dried pomelo peels to preserve Taiwanese oolong tea is a special method adopted only in the Hakka culture, whose people have a reputation for their hardworking, thrifty, plain, and honest character traits. The integration of tea and fruit happens when the oolong tea meets the pomelo.


Asia University, Taiwan

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Hung Chi-Sen

Design: Chen Ting Yu

During the curing process, the pectin and polysaccharide structures are brought together, resulting in a rich and complex aroma in the tea. This is one of the highest grades of tea amongst Taiwan’s fermented tea varieties and it has been chosen as one of the ten classic tea types in the world.

A rounded wooden box is selected to express substance and tradition and made reusable to reflect the spirit of the Hakka culture. The outer packing sleeve is made of handmade paper that comes from Puli, the same place of origin as the tea leaves. The ornamental gold and silver specks on the paper further enhance the premium gift quality. This packaging is different from the typical styles in the market and viewed as a product with unique Taiwanese culture value. 


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