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Plus Minus Baggage

Plus Minus Baggage is a ubiquitous carrier that is multifunctional as a small suitcase or a large baggage carrier.


Kyung Eui Hyun, Song Bum Ki, Yang Nayoung, Lee Na Hyun
South Korea


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Plus Minus Baggage is a modularised bag that suits different travelling needs. Each module can be easily assembled and disassembled and used as a small suitcase or a large baggage carrier. 

Composed of three modules – the base, a smaller module and a larger module – the modularisation allows different things to be organised within suitable carrier sizes. The handle on the baggage handles also serves as a gauge for the weight of the baggage. This bag is designed with the idea of ‘home’ and ‘personality’ in mind and as such, it pursues both comfort and individuality at the same time.

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