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PK01 – The Holistic Kitchen

The PK-01 is a multifunctional and portable kitchen island solution that can be used in domestic and professional contexts. It is designed to allow users to customise the design in terms of size, cooking, preparing, storing, washing, socialising, and disposal.


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Massey University
Ngā Pae Māhutonga, The School of Design
New Zealand

Faculty Advisors: Emma Fox Derwin, Lyn Garrett, Jason Mitchell, John Wells

Design: Barnaby Ward

The kitchen is an integral part of the culturally developed world and a central hub of the home. However, its functionalities have changed over the decades – not just a cooking area anymore, it has also turned into a storage space, a social space, an office space and a family space.

With the scale of manufacturing and technology that is accessible today, the ideal utilitarian furniture can be created to fit the kitchen. In depth research into customer creation options, build processes and customisation systems have given the PK-01 an advantage over current kitchen workstation solutions. There are two levels in which the PK-01 kitchen island solution can be customised to individual needs:

Firstly, pre-manufacturing allows users to customise overall sizes and portability to suit their current spatial environment. Post-manufacturing allows the user to adopt a style that suits their needs with a selection of cooking and prepping modules, modular rack systems, and storage and waste systems. The modular frame and the use of parametric also allow output in different sizes to create an extended product family.

Secondly, the PK-01 offers a dynamic solution to the kitchen market by combining the functionality of an everyday kitchen and turning it into an adaptable kitchen workstation. It is an urban workstation that can be configured to fit right in at home, and also in the hustle and bustle of a working environment. All in all, the PK-01 gives users the ability to choose a suitable design or functionality for their desired use.

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