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PIPÉRINE and CRYSTALLINE – Centripetal Spice Grinder Set

PIPÉRINE and CRYSTALLINE is a set of salt and pepper grinders that uses the principle of gravity and centripetal force as its main mechanism.

PIPÉRINE and CRYSTALLINE salt and pepper shakers are both equipped with a cylindrical weight at the end of their spinning shaft. With this weight, the grinding process can be performed single-handedly. Moreover, the fact that centripetal force is created during the grinding process, less effort will be needed from the user compared to the conventional pepper mills or grinders.

Besides providing ease and efficiency, PIPÉRINE and CRYSTALLINE demonstrates new forms of interaction and experience that might occur in activity of grinding pepper or salt. The metal housing amplifies the crackling sound during the grinding process, thus creating a new aurally exciting experience. To activate PIPÉRINE and CRYSTALLINE, a spinning motion spins the weight attached to the end of the metal frame, activating the grinder, which pushes the ingredients against the inner wall of the grinder housing and crushes the ingredients.


LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
Faculty Advisor: Mustafa Mohamed
Design: Jonathan Saphiro Salim


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The refilling process is simple and does not require any parts of the grinder to be removed. Simply slide out the semi-circular cylinder container to refill. The whole process is made easier with a magnetised metal rim at the top of the container that function as a lock. To make storing and packaging more efficient, a simple folding capability is incorporated into the metal frames of PIPÉRINE and CRYSTALLINE. A docking capability provides ease in hectic kitchen situations and the grinders can also be neatly kept away when not in use by attaching them to the magnetised docking system.

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