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Pinching To Inject

An instrument that helps a diabetes patient self-administer insulin injections more painlessly and accurately.


University of South China, SIX Design  Studio, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Zhou Jun, Prof. Yao Qizhi
Design: Liu Jian, Li Dan, Bo Le, Prof. Tang Weidong

This instrument helps diabetes patients self-administer insulin injections more painlessly and guides them on the right angle of injection. Only when insulin is injected into the subcutaneous tissue can it be better absorbed for hypoglycaemic action, but this is a painful process. Therefore, a diabetes patient has learnt to pinch the skin before injection to expand the subcutaneous tissue. By studying self-administration processes, we observed that it is hard for a patient to pinch the skin and complete the injection at the same time. Furthermore, the angle of injection during self-administration is difficult to grasp.

To facilitate a one-hand operation, the tip of this instrument adopts a high-strength elastic material that pinches the skin effectively. To correct the injection angle during self-administration, the same elastic tip also helps the patient steadily inject at a correct vertical angle. This is important because a wrong angle can deviate the insulin absorbing efficiency. Steadily, the user simply clicks on the trigger button to administer the insulin. To relieve anxieties about pain, the needle is also hidden under the elastic tip.


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