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Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker is a beautifully designed dog collar accessory that keeps track of the location a dog. The owner can view the dog’s location from the accompanying mobile application.


CETC Satellite Navigation Operation & Service Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Li Hongwei
Design: Liu Hang

Pet Tracker is inspired by bow ties, simple shapes and bright colours. It can be attached to a variety of dog collars, turning any collar into a cute little bow tie that is also functional. 

When dog owners are walking their dogs, with the Pet Tracker, they can turn on the “walking” mode on the mobile application, which will alert the owner if the dog is more than 30 metres away or not in sight. Owners can see the location of their dogs via the application and no longer have worry about losing their dogs.

This GPS tracker has a double-cavity parallel design. One cavity is equipped with a rechargeable battery, and the other cavity is a collection of various communication modules. This allows for a thinner and lighter product, which is more comfortable to wear. The two cavity chambers are connected by soft glue, which gives the tracker the flexibility to bend. This means that it is suitable for different breeds of dogs with different neck sizes.

The manufacturing process adopts a hard silicone injection technology, dual-mode injection technology, etc. Using the perfect combination of soft rubber and plastic, not only does the material enhance the aesthetic but also the wearing comfort. The product uses a high quality polycarbonate material that comes in a spectrum of beautiful colours, is devoid of any metal parts, and can be recycled.


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