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Personal Medical Treatment Guidance System

The Personal Medical Treatment Guidance System is a mobile equipment that provides patients with guided information about private medical treatment. It is reusable and also serves as a private information card of the patient.

In developing countries such as China, due to the large population, and the persistent growth of medical demand, the medical treatment environment and medical treatment procedures appears to be complex and confusing. This Personal Medical Treatment Guidance System alleviates this phenomenon by simplifying the medical treatment procedures, improving the medical treatment environment, and promoting medical treatment efficiency.


East China Normal University
School Of Design, Product Design, China

Faculty Advisors: Lu Junshi, Prof. Dai Yunting

Design: Zhang Huimin, Yin Huijing, Wang Yuanhao

The intelligent healthcare system aims to optimise the system of private medical treatment and hence, provide a more pleasant medical treatment experience. It is able to guide the patient at anytime, while also update the medical treatment information of the hospital, carry out an automatic intelligent queue and store the medical treatment information into the ‘cloud’ simultaneously. It has a clear and intuitive system interface to provide patients with optimum medical treatment plans. 

The medical guidance system is designed based on ‘cloud’ computing and ‘cloud’ storage. Thanks to the synchronic and smart update of the treatment information which registers with the cloud computing, the amount of the inspection reports and examination results can be simplified; the regional positioning system can identify the position of the patients in the hospital and guide them more accurately.


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