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PDP is a power distribution solution for cabinet-mounted electric devices. It is a modular circuit breaker design for quick plugging.


Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Liu Wei
Design: Wei Wei, Chen Zhongshan, Zhu Boxin, Qiao Fuyan, Yang Liu

With the development of computer network technologies, there are increasing demands on servers, switches, and electronic devices, which bear the increasing load of key services. Therefore, compatibility and operability are key focuses in the design of PDP.


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The PDP power distribution system connects to –48 V DC power and provides power distribution and circuit breaker overcurrent protection for cabinet-mounted electric devices. 

A modular design was adopted to ensure optimal compatibility and operability. A modular design of the live wire and neutral wire also features wide compatibility with various adaptors, meeting power supply requirements of different equipment. Lastly, a modular design of circuit breakers allows for quick plugging, offering a better maintenance experience.

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