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Put on the headphones to “play” and take it off to “pause”. It is as simple as that.


Daejoong Kim


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Pause is a headphones set that provides users with an intuitive way to listen to music. When not in use (when the headphones are taken off), the inner earcups springs inwards and becomes disconnected from the main body of the headphones. This disconnects and pauses the music. When the headphones are worn, the inner earcups stretches backwards and comes into contact with the main body. This simple “connect-and-play” mechanism starts the music. 

The idea was ignited by the observation that headphones users often experience situations where they would miss part of a favourite song when they take off their headphones. For some reason, it becomes second nature to remove one’s headphone without first pressing the “pause” button on a music player. Therefore, Pause headphones addresses this problem with a simple and intuitive design solution.

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