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Optic gives cyclists the visual information to make safer decisions on the road by integrating a heads-up display, front and rear cameras and 360-degree proximity and collision detection. This allows users to focus on the road ahead with full awareness of their surroundings and any potential risks.


DCA Design, United Kingdom
Team Lead: Richard Price

Cycling as a sport, fitness activity and general mode of transport is constantly increasing in popularity with more people taking to the roads every year. Roads are becoming more congested especially in urban environments and this can make cycling a more difficult task. The ability to analyse and react to a situation relies on a cyclist being fully aware of his or her surroundings. Optic gives cyclist the peace of mind to make the right decisions on the road, with total awareness and a full understanding of personal progression.

This device provides cyclists with the visual information to make safer decisions and avoid potentially dangerous road situations by integrating front and rear cameras with 360-degree proximity and collision detection. The act of wearing an obvious camera when cycling was the key driver for the aesthetic of the camera feature on the rear of the helmet. Highlighting the raised lens detail and the proximity sensor ensures that any approaching drivers know their actions are being recorded.

The visor doubles as a heads-up display where Optic live-streams the rear camera and highlights potential risks. This allows the user to focus on the road ahead with full awareness of their surroundings. Cyclists are able to customise the heads-up display to monitor the information they need for their specific journey. The display options include: a live stream of the rear camera, a proximity dot-matrix or gauge to show the distance of approaching hazards, augmented reality route navigation and journey statistic interfaces. 

The design language aims to differentiate Optic from the streamlined, aggressive aesthetic of conventional helmets. It integrates a retractable visor, which once opened, creates visual alignment with the cap and other details on the helmet to visually reinforce the functional aspects of the design. Optic is the visionary approach to safe cycling.


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