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ONDO ThermoBand

ONDO ThermoBand is a wireless device designed mainly for elderlies who live alone by automatically setting the thermostat according to the user’s body temperature.


Young W. Lee
United States


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ONDO ThermoBand is a device that allows the user to set the thermostat according to the user’s body temperature. Designed mainly for the elderly who live alone, the sensor on the band continuously detects the user’s body temperature. The data is then sent to the linked thermostat through built-in WiFi and the ideal room temperature is instantly set. This device prevents hypothermia, minimises the hassle of constant temperature adjustments and saves energy.

The design resembles a wristwatch, and the latex straps fit comfortably around the user’s wrist. The latex is also effective in detecting temperature by direct contact. As it was designed for the elderly, the device can be connected to a nearby thermostat at a touch of a button and everything runs automatically. The motivation behind this design was to examine the global aging population; the rising elderly population who live alone and easily overlooked problems like the risk of the elderly contracting hypothermia. ONDO ThermoBand provides a solution to this unresolved social issue and raises awareness for the problems that the elderly are challenged with.

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