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With no fixed holes, users can freely plug their devices into O’ket in any convenient direction.


Bang Dea In, Jo Sung Ick, Seo Hyeon Jin, Bae Sun Kyung, Prof. Lee Dan Bee
South Korea

Conventional power outlets usually allow a limited number sockets (2 to 4 sockets). This is inefficient when there are many users or many devices. The fixed socket orientation for plugs is also form-restrictive sometimes and forces users to skip a socket. Lastly, when an electronic or home appliance is placed in front of the power point and one has to reach behind to grasp blindly for a socket, it is difficult to match the pins of the plug to the holes. 

O’ket provides a solution by allowing 3 to 7 plugs to be plugged in at any one time, in any direction. In this way, less precision is required to match the pinholes. The entire outlet is then framed by LED light to provide better vision in dark conditions. A new method of earthing also makes it possible for both sides of O’ket  to be used, thus creating an even more efficient multitap device.

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